Important questions to consider:

  • What % of the company do I own? (Not just # of shares)
  • What is the vesting schedule?
  • What is the type of stock: options, rsu, … ?
  • What is the strike price? What is the value now?
  • What is the expected dilution of future rounds?
  • When are shares exercisable after leaving? (Post-termination exercise window) “2) Most employees only have 90 days after they leave a job to exercise their options…

August 2018, I left my job as an algorithm engineer at Hudson River Trading to begin an MS in Computer Science at Stanford. I had been working at HRT for two years after undergrad and I was enjoying it greatly. “Why leave to do the MS?” many have asked, and here is a collection of my reasons:

Classes are fun

After working for a while, I really missed taking classes.

  • Course content is curated by professors, experts in their fields.
  • Assignments focus on the fun experience of quickly learning new ideas and putting them right into practice. …

I was admitted to and began Stanford’s MS in Computer Science (MSCS) program in Fall 2018.

Some people have asked for advice on applying. In this post, I present some of my thoughts on applying and resources that I found useful. Not necessarily in order:

  1. Learn about the program. It’s 2 years. Research is optional. Be ready to either pay a lot of money or get a Teaching or Research Assistantship. Read the entire FAQs
  2. Compare the Stanford MSCS to other programs. Either PhD, MS, or MEng programs at other schools. In terms of MS specifically, two similar caliber/intensity…

Last weekend I went to a brain training class.

This was a rather serendipitous opportunity provided through Stanford’s graduate student-run event program, and one that I definitely would not normally seek out. Brain training? I’m already in school, taking classes, conducting research, why devote time to seemingly useless and mundane tasks when I could be focusing on learning things truly relevant to my field of study? On a whim, I decided to take this 1.5 hour class, and it was well worth my time.

The class focused on memory. Here’s a motivation. Say you’re at a social event at meet…

Leo Mehr

Co-founder of Lumos. Stanford MSCS ’20.

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